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Marine Science 1: Morro Bay Gumbo

Posted on: January 19th, 2015 by admin


Marine Science Summer Camp begins with another amazing week of marine explorations, which includes estuary ecology, coastal geology, and marine life observations. We will go kayaking in Morro Bay, and explore the Sandspit and beaches.  Students will learn to identify local and migratory birds, learn the ecology of coastal dunes, and hunt for humpback whale with Sub Sea Tours. There will also be lots of time for play. We’ll take a trolley ride around the bay, go on scavenger hunts for invertebrates. We’ll of course have plenty of opportunities for “belly biology”, and we’ll hike a couple volcanic plugs. 

Marine Science 2: Morro Bay Gumbo

Posted on: January 16th, 2015 by admin

Marine Science Gumbo is just that!.  A combination of kayaking, dune and beach exploration tracking dolphins on the sand spit beach.  During  belly biology on the docks, we’ll search for nudibranchs, anemones, kelp crabs and other marine invertebrates. We’ll kayak up the creeks of the salt marsh  and explore the back bay. We’ll visit an oyster farm, and take Trolley ride on the Embarcadero. We’ll cap the weeks activities with a whale watching cruise to search for humpbacks!.

Advanced registration required

Marine Science 3: Exploring Morro Bay Estuary...and Beyond

Posted on: January 21st, 2014 by admin


Marine Science 3: June 29-Aug. 3, 2015
Registration Fee: $230.00.  
Students will explore Morro Bay Estuary while gaining appreciation for the ecological importance of estuaries, in sustaining marine life in the open ocean.  Marine science discussions will cover local marine birds, summer migrants, and we’ll visit the peregrine falcon’s that patrol the estuary.  During “Belly Biology” on the docks, we’ll study the many organisms that make their homes underneath. We’ll explore the salt marsh, mudflats, and rocky shores of the harbor mouth.  Much of our marine science exploration will be from kayaks, allowing us to observe marine life at water level.  We’ll visit an oyster farm, and explore the sand spit dunes and beaches which offers miles of open shoreline for wandering, and scavenger hunts. Well examine effects of tide cycles on life in the estuary, learn to read tide charts, and use them to understand how the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon effect tide cycles. Friday, we’ll finish the week by boarding a Sub-Sea charter boat for a 2-3  hour whale watching cruise to track humpbacks, blue whales, and dolphins!