Nature awareness is a learned skill, and the path leading to true nature awareness is a deeply personal journey achieved through a process that engages all the senses.  Delphinus School of Natural History is grounded in the belief that outdoor experiences foster true appreciation for the natural world.
When we learn to recognize nature’s cycles, understand wildlife behavior, and interpret its many languages, we become naturalists, instead of casual observers.  Nature awareness involves learning by doing.  When students develop “place awareness” they begin to notice everything!.
Nature awareness begins with developing a connection with the outdoors, by tapping in to what “primitive” cultures call “The Original Instructions”.   It is not routed in lessons or knowledge, but learning through personal experience.
Nature awareness leads to an understanding of environmental interdependence, interconnection, our place as humans in the natural cycle, and our responsibilities as environmental stewards.

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Aquatic Science 1: Draughts & Freshwater Ecosystems

Freshwater Ecosystems Camp offer students an opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the effects of the long-term draught on regional plant life and animal life.  We will explore various freshwater habitats around the county including, Stenner Creek, San Luis Obispo Creek, and Laguna Lake Oso Flaco Lake, and Chorro Creek. Oh yes there will always be time for just playing in the water Students will learn the natural components of riparian ecosystems, and learn to[…]Read the Rest…


Marine Science 4: Coastal Geology

  Coastal geology week offers students an opportunity to explore various local geological sites, such the Monterey Shale formations around Valencia Peak, Bishop’s Peak (one of seven volcanic plugs which includes Morro Rock) coastal dunes and marine terraces in Montana de Oro and Morro Bay Estuary. We will also be visiting Oso Flaco Lake again this year. Students will observe how forces within the Earth initiated volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and moved entire continental plates, and[…]Read the Rest…


Marine Science 1: Morro Bay Gumbo

  Marine Science 1: Morro Bay Gumbo June 15 – 18, 2015; (8:30am-4:30pm) Registration Fee: $200.00 Age: 6 and above We will explore the extensive intertidal zones of Morro Bay searching for marine life among the rocks. Students will have kayak scavenger hunts, looking for different marine invertebrates along the docks and piers. We will explore the dunes on the Morro Bay Sand Spit, visit an oyster farm, ride a trolley, and visit the Natural[…]Read the Rest…

Exploring Morro Bay

Marine Science 2: Morro Bay Gumbo

Marine Science Gumbo is just that!.  A combination of kayaking, dune and beach exploration tracking dolphins on the sand spit beach.  During  belly biology on the docks, we’ll search for nudibranchs, anemones, kelp crabs and other marine invertebrates. We’ll kayak up the creeks of the salt marsh  and explore the back bay. We’ll visit an oyster farm, and take Trolley ride on the Embarcadero. We’ll cap the weeks activities with a whale watching cruise to search for[…]Read the Rest…


Marine Science 3: Exploring Morro Bay Estuary...and Beyond

Marine Science 3: June 29 – July 3, 2015 Registration Fee: $230.00.   Marine Science students will explore Morro Bay Estuary while gaining appreciation for the ecological importance of estuaries, in sustaining marine life in the open ocean.  Marine science discussions will cover local marine birds, summer migrants, and we’ll visit the peregrine falcon’s that patrol the estuary.  During “Belly Biology” on the docks, we’ll study the many organisms that make their homes underneath. We’ll explore the salt[…]Read the Rest…

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